Ryden AU rec list.

This is more for personal reference for me.

Brendon works for a call center, but not just any call center, and a certain client keeps calling back for more.

A New Perspective
The light clicked on again, and Brendon thought, this is not what I expected college to be like.
It clicked off, and he thought, am I really that surprised?
AU-ish. Spies (or something along those lines).
"I just flipped Spencer," Brendon announces
"Yeah?" Ryan doesn't sound particularly surprised, but he closes his laptop and turns his head. "Good for you."
Ryan’s a 22 year old model, with empty aspirations and disappointment with himself. He meets a hairdresser who needs to belong, and maybe he has to find out what he needs before he can be what others need
College AU. Panic never formed at high school. Instead, they meet at college, and in between striking up a friendship with his working colleague Spencer and trying to ensure that his roommate Jon doesn’t get sick of him, in between forming a band and writing songs, Brendon would really appreciate it if his bandmate (and Spencer’s best friend) Ryan Ross didn’t turn out to be Brendon’s TA. Especially considering their fling just before the start of the term.
Ryan, a painting major at a well known art college (he won't tell you where), can't find inspiration anymore, no matter where he looks. The distractions around him sure as hell don't help. Maybe he just needed something...or someone...to get his spark back, and get rid of his terrible artist's block.
"You are the words to my music. You are the chorus to my melody. You are the beauty behind the beast."
Brendon knows a lot of things about Ryan Ross. What Brendon doesn't know is why he can't stay away from the boy.
When they dropped the exclamation mark, Brendon suggested that they should change the entire name to Awesome Mutant Freaks at the Disco, but the others wouldn’t let him. He then suggested The Charmed Ones Plus Jon at the Disco, but that was rejected as well.
Brendon has an adventure in babysitting, although he should probably pay more attention to the kid than her older brother.
The worst thing was that Ryan, the boy with the newsboy cap and the shy smile, didn't know about the love potion.
Fantasy AU. In Brendon’s world, all men are missing their halves and are doomed never to find them. But, one day, Brendon hears a voice in his head, and it is not his own.
An AU where Brendon is blind, interviewers are morons, and Pete is Pete.
Brendon and Ryan. Both psychotic murderers. Both arrested and thrown in prison, where they met. They both helped each other break out of prison, so now they're both on the run from the law. Now partners in crime, they continue to find new victims as they move across the country. Will their relationship progress with the more people they kill?
What happens if they get caught?
Can they run from the law forever?
Ryan Ross is a vampire who has betrayed his own kind. He has settled down and lives with a human servant, who satisfies all of his needs. Ryan’s choice of life infuriates his former clan, who are about to take revenge on him for his questionable attachment to a mere mortal.
Brendon has kept a secret for a long time. When he receives a letter from the Bureau of Magical Law & Arcane Affairs, he must tell the truth to his oblivious fiancé.
Brendon and Jon are on a trip across Europe, but something tells Brendon that Paris is going to be his favorite.
"I'm not trying to embarrass you or anything here. But seriously, I'm just trying to make things clear - what you want is to be my own personal little toy, is that it? You want to be my pet in the... pet sense?"
When eighteen-year-old Brendon Urie is admitted to a mental hospital, he is forced to deal with his many issues, along with his schizophrenic roommate, Ryan.
“Hey,” the Sultan grinned, stretching out a hand that Ryan shook. “Nice to meet you.” He eyed Ryan’s boots, jeans, jean jacket and bandana uncertainly. “Are you in costume?” A University of Illinois AU
He’s always found a sanctuary in books, a protection almost. A world of your own where no one else can change things you don’t want to be changed.
Brendon wakes up to a world devoid of people.  At least, most people.
The one where Ryan Ross works as a phone sex operator and Brendon charms him with his conversation instead.
Each year, Paranormal Activity Detectives, a group of young investigators led by Ryan Ross, receives hundreds of calls reporting supernatural occurrences, only responding to the most severe. This is one of those cases.
Brendon occasionally participates in porn movies for the money. In his biggest production yet, Brendon’s co-actor is Ryan Ross. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the entire plot.
Cruel Intentions meets Romeo & Juliet meets the summary of a Mills & Boon novel. Consider yourself suitably warned and be prepared to suspend your disbelief.
"Panic is going to be a big fucking deal. If Brendon is your lead singer, he's going to be a big fucking deal. Do you really want to own a celebrity?"
Ryan, an introverted English Lit student, is hired to hunt down a secret society, which might not even exist. Ryan is given only one clue: Brendon Urie. Ryan is putting his future, his dreams and, ultimately, his heart on the line.
Playboy Bunny AU! Or the one where we objectify Brendon’s ass like whoa.
It’s Christmas in London, and Ryan has been dragged unwillingly to the ballet. But Brendon works out a way he may enjoy it a little more.
Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross are the two hottest stars on the teen television sensation The Strip. On the show, they play bitter rivals, but behind the scenes - - it’s a whole different story. That is, until falling ratings force the network to let one of their leading men go.
Brendon Urie mentally turns into a fangirl.
rendon works in a coffee shop, where he observes the people who come and go, especially one of the regulars: his favorite author, Ryan Ross, for whom he's been harboring feelings.
Humans are such fragile things. It doesn't take much to alter them. A 16 Candles video AU.
The one where Ryan is a hippie college environmentalist and Brendon just wants a better music auditorium. Featuring Ryan Ross chaining himself to a tree.
He'd puke until his back, shoulders and stomach were burning.  He'd throw up until he couldn't breathe, sobbing uncontrollably as he knelt down in front of the toilet, hands palm flat against the dirty church floor.

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The Wandering Woolly Mammoth

Many, many years ago there lived a woolly mammoth named Jan. This woolly mammoth was not like the other mammoths. He didn't want to hunt oreos. Even though he had a really poopyblue coat of hair, he hated the cold. He dreamed of living in warmer places.

One day, his dream came true. He thought he took a short winter's nap, but when he awoke, almost all the ice around him was gone, and he was surrounded by grass andbooks. He had hibernated for four million years!

Jan decided to go explore his new neighborhood. Where his cave used to be, now there was a fifty-nine-story building with reclusive windows and grumpy doors!

He tried to get inside, but the doorman wouldn't let him in, saying, “No whales allowed!”

He didn't know what whales were, but he knew he was afraid of them.

Feeling a bit confused, he wandered around until he saw a sign that said “Zoo.” It smelled like his friends, so he decided to run in. He found a section called fish, and they seemed to be very friendly animals, so he made himself right at home. The zookeepers discovered him, and they were happy to see him. They brought him big buckets of bananascarrots , and peppers. He finally felt at home!

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